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- The ball a lot, most are at 55-70% of the ball precisely.
- A goal almost every position. But most will come from four offensive line.
- Call a lot of fouls and penalties. Due to the cross flow. Opponents will soon plug fouls throughout. This last season I team up to nearly 20 times the penalty and the red card was approximately 10 cards.
- Intercept as often as the plan stands. And style to pressure the opponent to lose the ball. Back to Goal
- Most importantly, more fun! I like to see or see Fulmatch frequently highlighted by it. To cut through the Entering into a beautiful Entertain Football genuine. 
- At the mercy of the Board who like to play offense and possession.
- Rating the players are very good in every position.
- Vanguard participation Both shoot and pay

- If the line is not good enough. The opponent's offensive line is very sensitive. Will be paid off after the shot. The use of wing doors with speed.
- May be a bore if it wins all the games faster!
- (Have not tried it with a small team)

GK - Good for a few people. I have not tried the test with gk cut the ball off me.
FB - Get great place to visit Definition is the status I get good games, it emphasizes the power of the Cross with the feed.
CB - the best they can be.
BWM (Ball Winning Midfield) - a position to keep the ball easily. Coordination backward! Intercept the ball and keep track focuses primarily on the strength and coordination, try to view the attributes Lars Bender Sven was a model idol or not. 
BBM (Box To Box Midfield) - acting both on the offensive and Arron Ramsey / Verratti cross wise. 
IF - No need to be, on the opposite side of it. Well if it is Best is right on two feet Urk, the style is getting the ball. Opposite party break To cross or shoot Or competition with friends
EG - (Enganche) linchpin offensive line really made assists and matched a goal very well. Find a great offensive player central concept people will see it (Tips: Dribbling is the power that is needed is not so much because as I get paid King of one touch movement).
CF - as strikers do everything. The channel runs To accept and pay for a slip-up games (Tips: Find me a tall player. Neymar is not tiny, but if anyone stands a little disappointing striker to play IF I trichinosis catch fire spread), the leading player Benteke Lewandowski Balotelli Giroud etc.


- To get good performance, there are several factors. One such plan is not
One. , finding the right players with the power to plan and position.
Two., Talking to the players before the match and during halftime important (very important to change the result of hand after hand. Patrick will tell me).

- If a player gets a red card dismissal change. Offensive midfielder (EG) and a player got a red card to reserve the position.
- Not everything on this plan. Management team's approach is more effective. As told to talk before and after halftime to finish the game. I have tricks by players after the match, as the ratings or rating 8 + mom's, I will watch every match. It has many advantages such as. Tires are in good mood (I Superb virtually the entire team) and the players like us. Maybe was named players like personally. If the confidence to go and see the harmony squad, which is 100% of the atmosphere within the team did as well. After that it will be useful, more or less it. 

fm 12,13때 괜찮은 전술 만들었던 qetesh가 만든 전술임 나온지는 한참됐는데 안 올라와 있길래 올려봄 

  • [레벨:5]하라앗슈 2015.05.07 17:50
  • [레벨:3]블리홍 2015.05.07 20:40
  • [레벨:3]블리홍 2015.05.07 20:40
  • [레벨:7]일성박 2015.05.07 22:29
    실수로비추눌럿다ㅜㅜ 바꾸는법 알려주면 추천으로 바꿀께요ㅋㅋ 이거 어케 번역 안되나요?ㅋㅋㅋ
  • [레벨:16]박도도도도도 2015.05.08 17:24
    강팀용 전술인듯 자유도가 너무높은데
  • [레벨:14]부상빈도20 2015.05.09 14:46
    킁... 번역
  • [레벨:1]NEWCASTLE아히 2015.05.10 04:41
    전술은 ㅊㅊ
  • [레벨:5]gmgmgmgm 2015.05.10 11:40
    공격은 재미남. 공간을 찾아가는게 마치 돌문같은 느낌임. 근데 수비가 망.. 클린시트거의없고 패스한방에 무너지고 개짱남
  • [레벨:13]JP 2015.05.10 12:35
    스킨뭐지 졸라예쁘네
  • [레벨:24]용산이 2015.05.10 19:12
    강팀용임.공격진 노답이면 시망
  • [레벨:23]와풀 2015.05.10 19:13
    수비도 안되 공격도 안돼 걍 어정쩡한데 ㅡㅡ
  • [레벨:1]NEWCASTLE아히 2015.05.17 01:47
    전술은 추천
  • [레벨:5]꼬마이야기 2015.08.11 19:44
    이거 별로에요
  • [레벨:7]최종병기 2015.08.15 14:14

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