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[14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

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This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

Firstly i want to explain my main reasons to play a 4-4-2!

1)I wanted to have two strikers so i could create a deadly striker partnership upfront.
Examples in real life are Cole and Yorke, Henry and Bergkamp ,Rush and Dalglish.
When you play with two strikers upfront with good communication between them you
got a deadly partnership able to do special things on the pitch...

The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-shearer-sutton_1376306i.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic! The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-article-1163236-001b310500000258-127_468x341.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic! The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-zp_125picture_074_2214.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

2)The other idea was to experiment my self in an era when most of teams use a control
possesion based 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 in order to understand if it was possible to have
possesion chances and goals with a classic 4-4-2, a tactic less and less used nowadays...

So i created this version of 4-4-2
The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-liverpool_-%C2%A4%C2%B1%CE%8A%CE%94%CE%89%CE%8A%C2%AD%CE%92-%E2%80%A2%CE%90%CE%89%CE%93%CE%8A%CE%9C%CE%90%C2%B7%CE%93%C2%B7.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic! The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-liverpool_-tactics-overview.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

The results for me where good i had possesion many chances and many goals and
i could easily say that the tactic was succesful for me!

The 4-4-2 especially an attacking one means u can lose the battle on the center of the pitch
as a 4-3-3 has an extra man there..The fact is a conceded goals but when the tactic was
fluid and the players learnt it and understood it the goals i was conceding were fewer..

The shape of the tactic looks more like a 2-4-4 when i'm attacking with fullbacks and wingers
making great combinations and midfielders providing extra depth to attack while ready to run
back and prevent a counter attack..

The strikers combine also well and the wingers provide them with crosses so they will score
many goals and help you win the game.

When the right winger goes for a cross the left winger will join the attackers inside the box and
the box to box midfielders will also push forward..So every cross is a threat and while fullbacks
also push forward the chaces of you regaining possesion after a clearance are very high.That
helps to continue attacking and find the way to the goal.

The main aim of the tactic is not to concede a few goals but to score many!So be prepared for
counter attacks that you will be unable to stop but also be prepared to see some very good
attacking football many goals from strikers and many assists from your wingers!

Now i will show you some details about roles and positions.

Goalkeeper: the better he is the fewer goals you will concede (as simple as that)

Full-Backs:modern balanced fullbacks with accelaration crossing tackling and good
defensive positioning..(Not too attacking - not too defensive)

Center-Backs:The better they are the fewer goals you will concede!(faster defenders may work
better to avoid counter attacks and aslo ball control and passing skills are good a bonus)

Box-to-Box midfielders : the left sided one has different personal instructions to be a bit more
aggresive and defensively minded the right one has more freedom on his play but they both
should be all-around midfielders with good physical too

Wingers :Right footed on the right flank ,left footed on the left with good flair accelaration pace
,crossing and technique

Strikers: Deep Lying Forward should be more creative and technically gifted the Poacher
needs speed finishing and off the ball with Heading a good bonus

Let me know if it worked out for you! [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

My first season with liverpool was good but i have to adapt to the tactic.Now that i changed the team
and got the players i wanted its working really well for me!

here are some results and stats

The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-raheem-sterling_-history-career-stats.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!

The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-simone-zaza_-history-career-stats.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!
The Attacking 4-4-2 tactic by Pro_17-barclays-premier-league_-overview-stages.jpg [14.3.1] This is my 4-4-2 attacking , fluid tactic!.







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