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Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

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This is a tactic based on sir Alex Fergusons Man Utd. There are no exploits included and it is not a cheat tactic. You are not going to do a invincibles season (If you have Henry etc then maybe). Read Additional tips for some extra help.

Hi there fellow football managers it's Artisan back after a very long hiatus to bring to you guys another tactical recreation for FM14. Like I have said previously, I enjoy football manager the most when I can succesfully recreate a real life tactic and use it sucessfuly.

Tactical Inspiration
As the title suggests this formation will be based on arguably one of the greatest managers to ever grace the beautiful game. Alex Ferguson had a knack for winning things. I mean he was so confident in his winning ability that he bought race horses Completed!!  Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2).

Click image for larger version

Name:	sir-alex-ferguson-hd-wallpapers.jpg
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ID:	689748 Completed!!  Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

Ferguson was an old fashioned English manager and up until he retired, he stuck to the old fashioned English philosophy of high tempo wing play. Players like Beckham, Giggs, Ronaldo (in his younger days) etc where massively key to his style of play and success. This is what I have tried to emulate with these football manager tactic. Ferguson also believed in structure and efficiency where players knew exactly what was expected of them.

The 4-4-2 seems to be gaining some popularity in recent times with teams like Atletico Madrid and Machester City adopting it.

Tactical Adaptation in Football Manager Engine
As I mentioned in my previous posts, being able to completely recreate a real life tactic in FM is almost impossible, so don't hassle me if your players don't run past 8 players before scoring a 40 yard banana shot with their weaker foot against Real Madrid in the Campions League Finals Completed!!  Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2). I have tried to emulate Ferguson as much as possible while trying to maintain stability in the football manager match engine.

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Name:	Base.png
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ID:	689750 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)Click image for larger version

Name:	Cautious.PNG
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ID:	689752 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)Click image for larger version

Name:	Attacking.PNG
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ID:	689754 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

There are three different tactics; the first being the base tactic which I use most often. The second tactic is a more cautious tactics where them team will play the safer option and try to retain posession and the third, is a more gung-ho one with more caution thrown to the wind.

How the Formation Plays
This formation is all about the wide play with a dual pivot system in the middle. A deeper pivot in the Deep lying Playmaker and a more advanced pivot in the Box-to-Box midfielder. The Wingers will look to run at oppositon defence before delivering a killer cross to the forward players. One of the strikers drops deep to support the midfield ehile the other one is more advanced. This creates diamond structures around the pitch.

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Name:	base hm.PNG
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ID:	689758 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

The image above shows the diamond shapes that form. This is the the average positions for the base tactic.

Sir Alex argued in an interview conducted by Gialuca Vialli, that he never throughout his united carrier used the traditional 4-4-2 and instead used a 4-2-3-1. Based on the player roles seen above, the formation transforms into a 4-2-3-1 with the advanced wingers and deeper forward

On-field Partnerships
The Centrebacks have different roles. Think about Vidic and Ferdinand. The Limited defender (VIdic) is the rock in your defence. He will look to mark opposition strikers into non existence leaving them feeling lonley on the pitch. He will not be the most technically gifted player and will be in charge of winning most headers. The ball playing defender (Ferdinand) will be in charge of covering any loose balls/passes that might fall behind his defensive partner. He is comfortable on the ball and will usually try to make himself another passin option for the players around him.

The Central Midfielders as mentioned before work as a double pivot. Think of them as midfield generals. In my formation, I use a DLP and BBM combination. This is not exactly how Fergusons set up but remember what I said previously about stability. Both these players have to good on the ball going forward and competent defensively. Obviously, the DLP woud need to be more defensively adept while the BBm would need more of an attacking presence

The Fullbacks and Wingers offer I would say about 90%of all the width in this tactic. The other 10 % come from forwards moving into channels. Wide players will be quick direct runners who look to beat opposition fullbacks before delivering killer balls into the box. The Fullbacks will support their respective wingers and will sometimes overlap and deliver crosses as well.
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Name:	Offensive.PNG
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ID:	689760 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

The image shows the heatmap of the more attacking variation of the tactic. The AMR can be seen operating in a more central position.

The Strike Partnership is a techical player and atheletic player combination. The techinical player will drop deep and offer extra support in midfield. He will also arrive late in the box and look to get on the end of crosses. The more advanced technical player will need pace to run on to through balls and will look to work off opposition defenders shoulders.

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Name:	First 11.PNG
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ID:	689761 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

The image abopve shows my first 11 during my test save with southampton. As you can see, most of the assists come from the wingers and the False 9. The goals are mainly scored by the strikers . Two of the goals scored by Tadic were penalties which is why he is higher up the scoring charts

I will mention the training regime I used in my test. this is not what is best but what I used. please cater your own match preparation and training to your own team requirements.

If you buy a lot of players then focus on team cohesion for about 2 weeks after all players have arrived.

Pre season: No rest before and after matches. Match Prep Max on Tactics Only
During season: Allow rest after match and match focus on defensive positioning (Two clicks)

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Name:	pre.PNG
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ID:	689763 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

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Name:	post season.PNG
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ID:	689764 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

Opposition Instructions
I leave opposition instructions to the Assisstant Manager. So try to get a decent one people.

Reccomended Player Attributes
These are the attributes i feel are useful for players in specified roles but dont be put off if your player does not have every single stat. I believe Determination and Decision are the most important stats in the game so its beneficial for players to have good numbers in these stats.

Limited Defender
Heading, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Concentration, Jumping Reach, Strength, Decision, Positioning.

Ball Playing Defender
Heading, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Passing, Positioning, Concentration

Crossing, Dribbling, Marking, Tackling, Technique, Aggression, Anticipation, Work Rate, Acceleration, Piositioning, Pace and Stamina

Crossing, Dribbling, First touch, Passing, Technique, Anticipation, Off the Ball, Acceleration, Pace

Deep Lying Playmaker
First Touch, Long Shots, Passing, Tackling, Technique, Composure, Creativity, Off the Ball, Team Work, Strength

Box-to-Box Midfielder
First Touch, Passing, Tackling, Technique, Dribbling, Creativity, Off the Ball, Team Work, Work Rate, Stamina.

False 9
Dribbling, Finishing, First touch, Heading, Long Shots, Technique, Anticipation, Composure, Creativity, Off the Ball, Strength

Complete Forward
Dribbling, Finishing, Heading, Technique, Composure, Off the Ball, Acceleration, Pace

Brief Test results
I briefly tested the tactic with Southampton signing a few players to make the team play the way I wanted them to play. The formation played really well with this team and I was unbeaten after 10 competitive matches as seen below. It should be noted that I was lucky in the Chelsea game and the Man Utd game was a topsy turvy one.

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Name:	Fix.PNG
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ID:	689765 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

Nicolas Gaitan (ML)
Ryan Shawcross (DC - Limited Defender)
Jonjo Shelvey (MC - Deep Lying Playmaker)
Brian Oviedo (DL)

Looking at the players I signed, you can see my intent in getting the right personnel for the specified position. Jonjo Shelvey was my second choice after I lost out on Claudio Yacob. Gaitan was an amazing winger (after retraining position) and Shawcross was the tank I needed in defence. Oviedo had all the right stats to play full back and was affordable. The rest of the Southampton team slotted in very well into the system.

Click image for larger version

Name:	table.PNG
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Size:	119.2 KB
ID:	689767 Completed!! Alex Ferguson Glory Days (The Flat 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2)

My testing was not as thorough as it usually is and i am hoping you guys can give this a go and give feedback so that tweaks can be made if needed.

Additional Tips

1. Load up the German League along with any other league you wish to play in and start your save a month earlier in June. This gives tactics more time to gel

2. Arrange a lot of very easy pre season friendlies to keep your team morale high when the season starts. Especially the last game before the season starts

3. Rotate you team for cup games. I use an almost completely different starting 11 for Carling Cup games

4. Do not cry if you loose a match. It makes you weak and men are strong, so you must be strong and not cry





프리시즌 - 균형(매우높음) / 전술만


시즌중  - 균형(보통) /수비위치선정


FM-base 네임드 전술이다..


Limited Defender
헤딩,마킹, 태클, 예측력, 집중력 점프력, 몸싸움, 판단력 수비위치선정.

Ball Playing Defender
헤딩, 마킹, 태클, 예측력, 패스, 수비위치선정 집중력

크로스, 드리블 마킹, 태클, 기술, 침투력, 예측력 활동량,가속, 수비위치선정, 주력,지구력
크로스, 드리블, 볼트래핑, 패스, 개인기, 예측력, 공격위치선정, 가속도, 주력

Deep Lying Playmaker
볼트래핑, 중거리슛 ,패스, 태클, 개인기, 침착성 창조성, 공격위치선정, 팀워크  몸싸움

Box-to-Box Midfielder
볼트래핑, 패스, 태클, 개인기 드리블,  창조성, 공격위치선정, 팀워크, 활동량, 지구력

False 9
드리블, 골결, 볼트래핑, 헤딩, 중거리슛, 개인기, 예측력,침착성, 창조성, 공격시움직임, 몸싸움

Complete Forward
드리블, 골결, 헤딩, 개인기, 침착성, 공격위치선정, 가속도 주력



Additional Tips  (추가팁)
1. 감독만들고 팀새로시작할때 독일리그(선택) 하래 (팀을 하라는게아니다. 리그선택할때임 )
ex ) 독일(6월) 잉글랜드(7월) - 어떻게설명해야할지모르겠는대 무슨말인지알겠지?
2. 높은 사기유지하기위해 약팀과 친성경기 잡으래
3 . 컵대회는 로테이션으로 돌리란다.
4. 경기에 졌다고 울지말래. 팀을 더강하게 만드는 계기가된대
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  • [레벨:30]Astrum 2014.09.30 12:49
    아리고 사키 번역이라도 해서 올리지 이게 뭐임

    진짜 성의 없네
  • [레벨:30]Astrum 2014.09.30 12:49
    아 씨발 비추줄랬는데 추천 줌 아 씨발
  • [레벨:3]아리고 사키 2014.09.30 12:53
    Astrum 고맙다
  • [레벨:24]요것좀보소 2014.09.30 12:53
    이게.... 자갤에서 혼자 꿀빨고 잇다고 자랑한 전술인가??
  • [레벨:26]C4RRY 2014.09.30 12:56
    요것좀보소 이거 금방 나온 따끈따근한 전술이라 아닐거같음
  • [레벨:21]мəanιι 2014.09.30 12:54
    사키도 자작하나 내놓을때 되지 않았심?
  • [레벨:8]매드라이프의원딜 2014.09.30 13:03
    퍼거슨 실축 구현한건가요
  • [레벨:22]bupan 2014.09.30 14:04
  • [레벨:4]fmeinefin 2014.09.30 14:09
    각각 전술 어떤 상황일때 쓰는거죠? 알려주세요~
  • [레벨:22]LIVERTON 2014.09.30 14:23
    fmeinefin 처음이 베이스 전술

    두번쨰가 원정용 또는 방어용전술

    세번째가 존나 공격적으로 역전하고 싶을때 쓰는 전술같은데. 홈전술로 써도 상관없겠지만 일단 수비가 존나 불안.
  • [레벨:24]로멜루루루 2014.09.30 15:08
    근데 존나 좋다 이거
    투톱전술 존나 좋아하는데 굿굿
  • [레벨:22]안뇽난참치얌 2014.09.30 15:26
    근데 궁금한게 님 글 볼때마다 어떤 사진들은 스마일 이모티콘이 떠있던데 왜 그런거임?
  • [레벨:1]bourne 2014.09.30 18:00
    퍼거슨 맨유랑 비슷하긴하네요
  • [레벨:22]아담아담한존슨 2014.09.30 19:27
    좋나요? 써본본들 후기좀
  • [레벨:1]bourne 2014.10.01 03:31
    아담아담한존슨 살짝 답답한데 골은 쑤컹들어감 진짜 퍼거슨축구같음
  • [레벨:21]똥싸는데19초 2014.10.01 11:42
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    442써보고 싶엇는데 이거써봐야지
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